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"The Razor Mate works.  I have been using mine for a long time.  I was purchasing expensive blades in bulk and felt like they did not work as well after each shave to the point that I would need to change to a new blade.  I would use the blade to just about the time the blue strip would turn to white, which was not that long.  That same blade that I replaced after the strip turned white is the blade that I put on the Razor Mate.  I now can go easy 3 to 4 weeks on that discarded blade and I have the best shave ever.  Guys hate to have a dull shave.  More importantly, we hate to pay to high prices for blades for such a short razor life.  With Razor Mate I get my money’s worth and I am not changing and buying blades.  Think of Razor Mate as getting 50 miles to the gallon if it were a car.   I have purchased the razor mate for everyone in my family."  - Craig from Salt Lake City, Utah

"It's so easy to use and works great. Shaving isn't annoying at all anymore, now that my blade feels new every time."  - Hillary from Hilton Head, South Carolina

 "I can't believe I didn't know about the Razor Mate sooner. I have spent so much money on blades, only to have now discovered a better solution. I've already bought three for my friends."  - Rob G. Weston, Massachusetts

"I had no idea that my blade was bending from use. I thought it was simply getting dull.   I must admit that at first I was a bit skeptical that this was really the case. However I decided to give it a go and it only took my first shave to convince me. I am now a big advocate of the Razor Mate. Thanks."   - Kevin from Morristown, New Jersey

"My mother is a big environmental activist and she came across the Razor Mate and told me about it. I told her I wanted one and she ordered it for me. I put it in the bathroom and started putting my razor on it. Before long I could feel the difference it was making. It was much easier to shave and my legs felt a lot smoother. Even my boyfriend noticed!"  - Camilla from NY, New York

"My favorite part about the Razor Mate is how it looks in my bathroom. Whenever someone comes over and uses the bathroom they ask me about it because they haven’t seen one before. I tell them all about it and the best part is that they usually go out and buy one the next day". - Trevor from San Francisco, California

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