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Denver, CO 80211

Home site for sales of the Razor Mate product my Razor Mate LLC in Denver, CO

Green Info

5 ways to save with the Razor Mate

1. Save Time – How frustrating is it to shave with a poor blade? It hurts and consumes too much time. Razor Mate provides a new blade feel every time, ensuring an efficient, enjoyable shave.

2. Save Money – Spending $20 to $30 dollars every time you need new blades quickly adds up. With the Razor Mate you can keep an extra $124 dollars a year in your pocket (the average amount saved on replacement blades annually).

3. Reduce Pollution - The production of razor blades by big manufacturers can be harmful to the environment. By using Razor Mate you will lessen the number of blades produced, resulting in substantially less pollution.

4. Reduce Waste - Consider the huge amounts of metal and plastic discarded from our old razor blades. How is this going to impact our future? Using the Razor Mate limits your disposable blade waste by increasing the life of a blade up to twenty times longer. 

5. Look Great – OK, we confess this isn’t all about saving, but who doesn’t want to look their best? The Razor Mate gives you a perfect shave. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth every time.

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