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Denver, CO 80211

Home site for sales of the Razor Mate product my Razor Mate LLC in Denver, CO

How It Works

The Razor Mate is a blade conditioning solution that extends the life of disposable razor blades my magnetically pulling the blade back to its original form.

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How It Works

Contrary to popular belief, a razor blade is not rapidly dulled by shaving.  After normal shaving usage however the micro thin edge of the blade quickly begins to undulate.  This distortion causes cuts, razor burn, and generally poor shaves.

A Razor blade can be pulled back to its original form using Razor Mate’s magnetic system.  By placing a disposable razor’s edge along the guide strip of the Razor mate between usage the thin blade is straightened using a patented magnetic system.  The blade is also magnetically shielded from rust and pitting by returning it to its originally designed form.   

It is very simple to use.  Just rest your disposable razor on the Razor Mate when not in use and your blade will be manipulated back to form in between shaves extending the life of the blade up to twenty times its normal expectancy.

It’s like using a new blade every time you shave!

  • Reduces cuts, nicks and razor burn
  • Extends the life of your disposable blades - up to twenty times
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Lasts a life time – one time purchase
  • Works on any disposable razor – single, double, triple, quattro, and five blade razors
  • Closer, more comfortable shaves
  • Great for sensitive skin – limits irritation
  • Waste reduction environmentally friendly GREEN product
  • Invented by an Aerospace Engineer